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At Nomadic Display we develop strategic partnerships with different suppliers to offer a wide range of products and qualities in order to realize and complete projects to the taste of our customers.

We have developed a good business relationship with Duo Display because for more than 30 years, it specializes in the manufacture of exhibition stands, offering a complete service for stand design, visual design, production, of logistics and assembly & disassembly of stand.

The Duo range is segmented as follows:

  • Ultra-portable: banner holders (lite banner, sprint), roll-ups (set, one)
  • Portable: fabric umbrella stands (Xpressions, Xtension, Contour, Virage), all-in-one exhibition kits (hello set, Hello xpress).
  • Transportable: exhibition stands from 9 to 36m² (Panoramic, Panoramic Lightbox)
  • Outdoor: flags designed and tested to withstand outdoor conditions (flag, totem air). All their products are printed by sublimation on fabric. Duo is committed to offering innovative, eco-designed products and eco-friendly stands.

Portable Kiosk: Xpression, Xtension, Contour and Curve

The xpressions exhibition stand offers countless possibilities of configurations thanks to 9 different shapes of structures and the possibility to join visuals of all sizes on two levels of depth which creates a dynamic 3D effect. In addition to the multitude of possible structural shapes, interchangeable visuals can help your communications evolve. The textile visual is printed by sublimation and remains on the structure of the stand at all times which facilitates the assembly.

The xpression structure allows a great flexibility of adaptation related to the change of environment. It is also possible to accessorize the xpression structures with the shelves and create with them a functional, dynamic and modular space during your exhibitions.

The Contour stand is a portable stand solution made of tubular structure and upholstered in stretch fabric. Contour is a scalable, modular and functional solution with 6 standard frame formats available, and connecting parts that allow them to be connected to each other, with angles at 45°, 90° or 180°, offering a multitude of possible configurations. It is ideal for those looking for a truly portable, modular, scalable stand solution with optional accessories

xtension is a pop-up stand made on a textile support with perfect angles and exceptional color rendering. Its visual remains connected to the structure during assembly and disassembly are therefore simple, fast and intuitive. This portable stand offers you a lightweight and compact solution. Be spectacular in your visuals to maximize its impact. Accessorization is possible to maximize visual impact. The Virage exhibition stand is first and foremost an ingenious solution that ensures top-of-the-range quality at an unmatched price. This umbrella stand is foldable with textile visual. Without fitting, the sublimation printed textile visual offers an exceptional color rendering at the service of your company’s image. Bend exists in straight and curved version, for further configurations . Virage is lighter, less bulky and faster to set up than a traditional umbrella stand, Virage allows you to reduce and control your budget.

In short, the benefits of using portable kiosks are:

  • A clever solution: the case is transformed into a counter and contains 2 xpression structures
  • It is a tool that allows you to meet consumers wherever they are, at fairs, congresses, exhibitions, places of consumption or work
  • An "all-in-one" solution, including a suitcase, a communication surface, a presentation surface, storage spaces
  • It requires only a minimum of logistics (no packaging, no tools, no routing)
  • A solution that allows you to travel easily by plane or train

Modular kiosks: Panoramic and Panoramic Lightbox

Discover Panoramic, the first modular exhibition system with 100% of its surface dedicated to your message. Panoramic covers the entire aluminum frame with large-format visuals in taut fabric. No structure is apparent, your communication is much more efficient.

Panoramic H-line is an exhibition stand solution that makes it easy to create a tailor-made stand from pre-assembled modules. It creates an unmatched visual impact thanks to its space entirely dedicated to the image and offers all the features you need. Panoramic H-line is for those who want a modular and flexible stand with maximum communication space, no aluminum profile is visible, your message is even more efficient and your stand conveys a real quality image. Panoramic h-line is a reusable and infinitely reconfigurable solution. All modules connect to each other without restriction. It is the assurance of being able to use its stand in all the spaces, even those we don’t know in advance. Each module is designed to meet a function (communicate, present, broadcast, designer, host, store...). You can pre-fit some modules by choosing optional kits.

The modules are delivered assembled in a transport box. No technical expertise is required. You can set up your booth yourself, serenely, without tools and quickly.

Panoramic Lightbox is a new generation light box: aluminum profiles, LED strips, printed visual on fabric; the rendering is elegant and optimal. The light diffuses homogeneously, the visual clings to the structure thanks to a silicone seal: assembly and disassembly are simple, fast, and can be done autonomously. This stand is light and small, you will transport Panoramic Lightbox easily!

The advantages of using modular and transportable kiosks are: Panoramic and Panoramic Lightbox

  • Aesthetics: The visuals are printed on diffusing fabrics, which allows an optimal color rendering. LED strips are riveted to the profile, and LED optics are specially designed for homogeneous light diffusion.
  • Efficient: Compact and lightweight, it fits in the most strategic places.
  • Lightweight: Aluminum profiles and fabric-printed visuals make the solution lightweight and easily transportable.
  • Easy and quick to mount: Mounts quickly, without expertise, using an Allen key provided with the kit.
  • Durable: Eco-friendly lighting system, low energy consumption.Moreover, the solution adapts very easily to the evolution of your communication, the visuals being interchangeable.