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Make your exhibition space an experience for your customers

It is pretty challenging to make good choices when it’s time to build and customize our booth in preparation of a trade show. There are many ways to innovate and offer our customer a personalize experience while being in an event or trade show environment.

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Light walls are more popular than ever

When shopping for your new booth in prevision of your upcoming exhibition, the biggest challenge is to make the right choices. It is even more arduous to stand out from the competition and to dazzle your future customers.

What are the new trends to attract potential customers to your booth at trade shows?



Your banners to your image

We are constantly coveted and stimulated by advertising and marketing of any kind. It is certainly difficult to make the right choices in which promotional tool to use in order to obtain the best performance and return on your investment.

Are banner stands still a good promotional tool for 2017?


How to choose between a modular or a portable stand?

The choice between a modular or a portable stand can be difficult, especially when you are new to the trade shows world. An exhibition booth is a marketing tool that can be used for several trade shows and events over the years. Although all the exhibition stands can be graphically customized, your choice must fit the usage you will make of your stand, your budget and the resources you have.


Top 10 benefits of an exhibition booth

Exhibition stands can be used on several occasions, which is why it is a prime tool for any business. Whether you decide to buy or rent a booth, it will help you accomplish several sales tasks. Here is a list of the 10 benefits an exhibit booth can bring to your company.



How to generate more traffic to your booth at a trade show

Participation in a trade show is a significant marketing expense for most companies. It is possible to turn that expense into a profitable investment by generating maximum traffic to your exhibition booth. The logic behind this idea is that the more you attract visitors, the more you increase your chances of meeting qualified leads and ultimately to conclude new sales. Here are some tips on how to generate a steady stream of visitors to your booth.

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TOP 10 not to miss trade shows in Canada

Year after year, more than a hundred trade shows are organized across Canada. We have compiled a top 10 of Canadian exhibition fairs that are worth visiting.


Ten tips to engage conversation with your prospects

Shows, trade fairs, and exhibitions. All these events are excellent opportunities to meet potential clients and leave an indelible memory in their minds… however only if we know how to approach them with tact. Follow our ten tips for making the most of your presence at a trade show.

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How to choose the right trade show?

The choice of the trade show is one of the most important elements to consider for your next exhibition event. Your selection will have an impact directly on the return on investment and the achieving of your objectives at the show. Several factors must be considered to make the selection of the right trade show.

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Top 10 mistakes to avoid in trade shows

  1. Failing to announce your presence at the show in advance.

Don’t wait to be at the show to announce your presence. Be sure to inform as many people as possible that you will be present at the show. It is important to attract the largest number of visitors at the show.


  1. Not inviting your customer and contacts at the show.

 Do not hesitate to invite your customers and contacts at the trade show. Take advantage of this opportunity to offer them your new products and services.

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How to Choose Between Rental or Purchase for a Trade show booth

Based on our experience, the proportion of the budget allocated to a trade show stand during an exhibition can reach 35% of the total budget. So when the time comes to decide if you need to resort to the rental or to the purchase of a booth for your next shows, there are several factors to consider...

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Top 10 for a successful trade show

During your participation in an event, it is important to set your goals. The objectives can vary greatly according to the type of exhibition, the audience, and the types of products and services that you offer. Here are some examples of objectives that you can set at the exhibition...

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Top 10 trends in Exhibits

The objective is always the same: to communicate with the most participants possible and to attract them to your trade show booth. Remember, you will get as much as you put in.

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