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Discover Sublimart

Discover Sublimart

Discover Sublimart
At Nomadic Display we develop strategic partnerships with different suppliers to offer a wide range of products and qualities in order to realize and complete projects to the taste of our customers.

Sublimart is a company that specializes only in printing. This unique process allows printing on fabric permanently. He works mainly in the field of exhibition stands, banner printing and large format display: wall printing, outdoor banner, stage decor, museum, festival and others.

Demonstrating innovation and being on the lookout for new trends, Sublimart is distinguished by the multitude of choices offered and their after-sales service. With their numerous models such as Reflexion, Horizon A, Horizon media, EcoPop and Cosmo, Sublilmart has become a reference in the field of portable kiosk.

The Reflexion kiosk is an innovation in the field of portable kiosks. Modular, versatile and lightweight, this kiosk is easy to install with the beauty of a perfect finish of a fabric mounted on a profiled frame. In addition, the stand can be dressed double-sided, it can be backlit and it is available straight or curved and in several formats. It is also possible to accessorize the kiosks with LED lamps, supports to TV stands, shelves and stabilizing feet; a perfect combination for a sensational result.

The Horizon A is an aluminum structure. The visual is printed on a quality fabric and completely covers the structure, giving the possibility to display on both sides. It is not only light and resistant but also this system installs in 15 minutes and requires no tools; simple, easy and effective.

The Horizon media is based on the same principle as the Horizon A kiosk, but in a curved version, it now offers a huge variety of configurations as it is available in several formats and can be assembled in different ways. It can also be equipped with accessories such as LED lamps, 24-inch flat panel brackets, 42-inch screen brackets and Interactive panels for video control. Easy to install and maintain.

The EcoPop is a pop-up style structure. The EcoPop booth is set up in seconds. The visual is printed on a quality fabric and remains on the structure during storage, making the assembly ultra fast.

The Cosmo is also a pop-up style structure of the same principle as the EcoPop. The model is offered straight or curved and can be accessorized with LED lamps. It is however a little heavier.

Choosing Sublimart products means choosing from a variety of portable kiosks that will allow you to realize your achievements to your expectations.